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"Black Eagle" - 5,000 Pesos General Treasury Obligation

Inv# FB6105
"Black Eagle" - 5,000 Pesos General Treasury Obligation
Country: Mexico
Years: Nov. 2, 1843
Bond for 5,000 pesos bearing 6% interest known as the Black Eagle. Issued pursuant to a supreme decree of May 11, 1843 by interim president Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. These bonds were to pay interest from June 1, 1843. Repayment of this bond issue was secured by 25% of all maritime customs duties with the exception of those deriving from Matamoras, which were to be exclusively devoted to the servicing of the principal and interest of this debt. All "Black Eagle" bonds are cancelled and are in great demand.

Important facts related to the "INFAMOUS" 27,500 denomination of the 1843 "Black Eagles".

We regret that all the 27,500's that exist have been fraudulently altered. Mexico never issued any of these 1843 bonds in any denomination above 20,000 Pesos. We have seen only two of the 20,000 Pesos on the market to date. This highest ligitimate denomination is truly rare.

As for the 27,500's, only fraudulent examples exist with various digits erased and altered in the denomination. These altered (faked up) bonds have no merit or value. Unfortunately, hundreds of people are being sent on a "wild goose chase" to find them. There are reports that there are a few authentic examples, however this is not true. All in all 27,500's are fraudulent.
Condition: Excellent
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