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George H. LaBarre Galleries, Inc. and George LaBarre

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So many people have a charming story of how they were introduced to collecting. I suppose that my start was typical. In 1955 at the age of 9, I was more than a bit excited to find stamp approval ads at the back covers of comic books and in the classifieds of Boys Life magazine. These led to an album and stamp packets at Woolworth’s. At the age of 11, I found myself looking over their stamp display at this favorite “5 & 10”. An older gentleman (about 80) approached me and asked if I liked stamps. My answer, a simple “Oh Yes”. He explained that he had thousands of stamps on old post cards and encouraged me to have my dad bring me to visit him on Saturday. The visit led to a few gifts of stamps but before leaving, he asked if I would like to see his coin collection. A foot high stack of coin folders completely changed the direction of my life! From that moment on, collecting and dealing with almost every topic imaginable has enriched each day of my life. My dealing started at this young age in 1957, as I would buy, sell, and trade coins with other kids. At the age of 14, I made regular trips to Boston and knew many of the great dealers of the day. The years flew by including a bit of college, 4 years in the Air Force including tours in Korea, Vietnam, and Washington, DC, 3 years in banking, and finally in 1973 a full time business dealing in collectibles. Many of our Americana mail auction catalogs were issued in the 70’s.

In 1980, we had the good fortune to encounter a large group of Boston, Hartford, and Erie Railroad bonds. These engraved bonds were so beautiful including superb color, graphics, 3 great imprinted revenues, and many rows of coupons all bearing a train vignette. This historic bond had all the qualities a collector could want! We sold this group quickly and with this introduction to the hobby, we were hooked. Whenever we had the opportunity to buy a small group or interesting archive, we bought whenever possible. We are now proud to stock the LARGEST INVENTORY OF COLLECTIBLE STOCKS AND BONDS IN THE WORLD…OVER 6 MILLION PIECES!!! We can sell stocks and bonds that range from a dollar to tens of thousands of dollars (the record in this field is a stock of the Ford Motor Company of Canada signed by Henry Ford-selling price $150,000.) In addition, a fine inventory is available of Coins and Paper Money, Autographs of Famous People, Presidential Campaign Items, and Historically Important Americana of all kinds.

George LaBarre has been a Life Member of the American Numismatic Association for over 30 years, a Member of the Bond and Share Society, Manuscript Society, Society of Paper Money Collectors, American Philatelic Society, International Bank Note Society, etc.

Our goal is to serve collectors and dealers in a friendly and professional manner and to make their collecting and dealing fun and exciting. It is equally important for our clients to know that personal service is very important to us. Individual contact, especially over the phone is essential. People make the business fun and all clients are encouraged to call with any questions or orders. Advice, insight, and guidance to help build a collection are always available.

Dear Chris,
You have an awesome web site..... easy to navigate ..... colorful .... and very informative!
Best Regards,

Mr. LaBarre,
The note and catalogs arrived. I'm pleased with the note. Many thanks for the great catalogs. Your catalogs must be the finest produced. 
J. H.
Manheim, PA

Hi Guys:
Just a quick note to tell you that it had been quite sometime since I was last on your site. Although this email won't make you any money, I want you to know that your site is without parallel on the web and wins, hands down, for the "classiest" website out there in any field. A quality representation of quality folks. Nicely done!
F. B.
Roseville, MI

Your catalogs AND website are A#1 First Rate. Really fine quality.
C. C.
Hernando, FL


All Autographed Items are Unconditionally Guaranteed to be Authentic without time limit to the Original Purchaser.

Feel free to ask for George LaBarre – Phone days, evenings, and weekends.

800-717-9529 (9AM-9PM EST) or 603-882-2411



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