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Do you have a collectible paper money, stock, or bond collection you'd like to sell?

Please consider LaBarre Galleries when selling your collection. Whether it is a small collection or a vast institutional archive, we have always been strong buyers. Stocks and Bonds, Autographs, Americana, Coins and Paper Money are all equally important to us.

Please phone George LaBarre days, nights, or weekends at
800-717-9529 (9am-9pm EST) or e-mail George:


1.   Stocks, Bonds, and Paper Money - both U.S. and Foreign.
2.   Autographs of Famous People, especially Presidential.
3.   Masonic Documents and Aprons.
4.   Presidential Anything!!!
5.   War Savings Bonds and All Paper Items related to World War I and II Bond Drives.
6.   Busts and Plaques of Famous People in Bronze, Marble, Parian Ware or any material.
7.   Sketches, Watercolors, and Oil Paintings of quality, especially Miniature Portraits.
8.   Graphic Awards, Diplomas and Membership Certificates.
9.    Japanese Prints-Pre 1900.
10.  Circus - Pre 1950, especially of Clowns.
11.  Early Aviation - Graphic items of special interest.
12.  Judaica-Pre 1960.
13.  Early Sports.
14.  Baseball Related-Pre 1960.
15.  Pre 1880 Posters and Broadsides with Great Color, Artwork, or Woodcuts.
16.  Olympics-Pre 1960’s including Award Medals of any era.
17.  Miniature Books.
18.  Coin or Stamp Collections of better quality.
19.  Worlds Fair Collectibles -  1876 to 1939.
20.  Revolutionary War, Civil War, Spanish American War, WW I & II Military Items.
21.  California Gold Mining related items, especially letters, documents, etc. 
22.  Better Daguereotypes and Photography of interesting subjects or of quality.
23.  Cigar Box Labels, especially Salesmen’s Sample books.
24.  Women’s Suffrage anything.
25.  Americana of all kinds including anything historically important.

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