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Dealers and anyone involved in marketing collectibles, promotional gifts, premiums, or incentives should ask for our wholesale catalogs. We encourage phone calls related to buying from us at wholesale.

History is the backbone of the Stock and Bond hobby. Our extensive library enables us to support our clients with useful research.

We believe in personalized customer service and quick turnaround times. Most orders are filled the same day we receive them. If you have questions, please ask for George LaBarre.

Wholesale orders are normally a minimum of $200. Our prices are very reasonable and competitive. Wholesale prices range from $1 to several thousand dollars each. Of course, there are no minimum orders for clients who are working on marketing programs or promotions. In addition, no advance purchases are required with such projects. We are happy to “freeze” inventory for reasonable periods until actual sales are achieved.

Here is a small sampling of some of the groups and collections available at wholesale. Of course, we can quote you wholesale prices on nearly all items that we have in quantity. Just phone and ask for special prices. 800 717-9529 or send George an email:

America’s Great Corporations – 6 Great Stocks.

Collection of 100 different stocks and bonds. #GC1000
America’s Great Corporations

America’s Great Railroads
Collection of 50 different stocks and bonds. #RC1000

America's Great Railroads

Board Game Sets
RS2000  & RS2594




We have been in business for over 35 years and have specialized in collectible Stock and Bonds for over 25 years. We offer a great opportunity to start your own business of stocks and bonds. Stocks and Bonds have been on National TV, newspapers, magazines and in the movies!

Financial history is exciting and fun. Stocks and Bonds were used in colonial times, early shipping, railroads, throughout the Industrial Revolution, into the automotive age, the Crash of 1929, and all through the past decades of economic growth. Everyone knows someone in their family that either worked for a large company or perhaps on the railroad. We can enjoy this rich history in collecting Stocks and Bonds. These documents are truly pieces of history and of great educational value.

Engraved printing of Stocks and Bonds by American Banknote, Franklin Lee Banknote, International Banknote, etc., are considered serious art. These same Banknote companies have printed International Paper Money. They decorate dens, offices, boardrooms, and corporate headquarter buildings. These same certificates have been used as Educational tools.

Treasure Hunting Appeal:
Collecting Stocks and Bonds is still so new, one can say “it is still in its infancy”. As a result, there are bargains and little treasures to be found. This is a fresh, new vibrant hobby!

Back in 1981, the most valuable collectible stock sold for $3,000. This same railroad stock signed by Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt now sells for $12,000. Stocks currently sell for as much as $130,000.  Compare this record price to other collectibles. Single coins have sold for over $4 Million. A stamp can sell in the Million dollar range. Autographs have sold for over a Million Dollars. One could conclude that quality collectible Stocks and Bonds represent very good value in today’s market.

Stocks and Bonds are becoming very difficult to find. Most of our inventory was acquired 10 to 25 years ago. Demand has grown steadily over the years as supply has gone down. It has taken 25 years to build these collections that we can now offer. Remember too that stocks and bonds as an art form are slowly dying, most companies do not issue these to stockholders anymore. So this is a chance to enter this collectible world with very little money.

Collecting topics offer something for every taste.. Railroads, Automotive, Aviation,  Mining, Oils, Communications,  Insurance, Banking and Autographs. Stocks and Bonds can be collected by state, city, or region.

Most importantly, collecting stocks and bonds is “FUN” and most satisfying.

Call George for a FREE Color Wholesale Catalog, days, nights, and weekends at
800-717-9529 (9am-9pm EST).

World Paper Money

Wholesale Foreign Paper Money

World Paper Money:
It has taken us over 15 years to build this extensive and exceptional inventory. As with Stocks and Bonds, History and Graphics are magnets that draw collectors to this exciting hobby.

We can supply millions of pieces of Foreign Paper Money in Choice Uncirculated Condition. Many are still legal tender in their issuing countries which include Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Typical prices range from as little as 20 Cents to $1 or so. Controversial countries such as Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, and Afghanistan are available. Absolutely beautiful notes from Russia, Peru, Brazil, and Bulgaria can be supplied in large quantities.

Here is a small sampling of some of our Wholesale Foreign Paper Money Offers: Just phone for wholesale prices.  800 717-9529
100 Different Banknotes WP1000
300 Different Banknotes WP1003
500 Different Banknotes


Ideas for Marketing Stocks, Bonds, and Foreign Paper Money

How about designing a tasteful calendar made with real Stocks and Bonds or Foreign Paper Money neatly mounted on the calendar. They would serve as both a colorful illustration and a small impressive collection. Calendars can be designed as 1 page, 4 page, 6 page, or 12 page formats. A calendar of this type has never been published in the U.S. Many have been produced in various parts of Europe including Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. We are a great source for Stocks, Bonds, and Foreign Paper Money for these great products.  Wholesale prices for appropriate Stocks and Bonds for such calendars range from as little as $1 to $3 each.  Foreign Paper Money typically will range from 20 Cents to $1 or so per note.

Stocks and Bonds, and Foreign Paper Money can also be used as a gift in a quality folder which could include a history of the company, a cover letter, and a business card.  It could also be designed to serve as a Christmas or Seasons Greeting.  Again, wholesale prices for Stocks and Bonds range from $1 to $3 each though older pieces can run any quality level required with wholesale prices ranging from $8 to several thousand each. Foreign Paper Money will run 20 cents and up.           

If you prefer to form your own special collections, we have over the years discovered reasonable, durable, and attractive albums to hold such collections.

George is available to assist you in creating unique collections,
feel free to call, 800 717-9529 (9am – 9pm)

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