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Santa Ana Mining Co. - 1900 dated Mining Stock Certificate

Inv# MS1191   Stock
Santa Ana Mining Co. - 1900 dated Mining Stock Certificate
State(s): Arizona
Years: 1900
Color: Multicolored

Large size Stock printed by H.S. Crocker, S.F. Rare!! Great color! Gordon Jones~ Jack Gray~ Ernie Escapule and Pete O'Brian had formed the Santa Ana Mining Company to lease the Escapules' Santa Ana Mine southwest of Tombstone. The property encompasses a 35 acre State Trust Lands mining lease. The purpose of Santa Ana Mining Co. was to erect a cyanide leaching plant to treat Santa Ana and Bonanza Mines dump material and ore from the Santa Ana.

Cyanide Plant: A cyanide pad leach-zinc dust precipitate plant was constructed near the Santa Ana on State lease land. The operation was planned to handle 100 tons per day with a leach pad capacity of 30-35~ 000 tons. Material was to be crushed and screened to +1/4" - 2". Small lot pilot studies indicated a potential recovery of 700/0 of the silver values at a cost of between $15 - $25 per ton of material treated. Initial plans were to treat dump material~ then follow with ore from an open pit to be developed just east of the Santa Ana underground mine. It was expected to reach economically leachable ore at a depth of 25 to 50 feet. Read more at

Condition: Excellent

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