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Northern Pacific, Fergus and Black Hills Railroad Co. issued to and signed by W. P. Clough and Geo. H. Earl

Inv# AG2103   Stock
Northern Pacific, Fergus and Black Hills Railroad Co. issued to and signed by W. P. Clough and Geo. H. Earl
State(s): Dakotas
Years: 1885

Stock Issued to and signed by W.P. Clough. Also signed by Geo. H. Earl on back and Robert Harris as president.

William P. Clough, Chairman of the Board on the resignation of Howard Elliott as president and the creation of this new office. The creation of this office and the election of Mr. Clough to it are rather a concrete expression of the appreciation of the Northern Pacific directors for the responsiblility and executive work which Mr. Clough has been doing for the past 12 years than any radical change in these duties. William P. Clough was born in cortland County, New York and began railway work on October 1, 1880 as general cousel in the west for the Northern Pacific; occupying that position until June 1, 1887, when he entered the executive department of the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba as assistant to the president, soon after becoming a director and second vice-president of that company. February 1, 1890, when the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba was taken over by the Great Northern, he became a director of the latter company, and remained until the summer of 1901, when he resigned them to become a director of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, and a director and member of the executive committee of the Northern Pacific, which positions he has continued to hold, and which, for the past 12 years, have chiefly occupied his time. On July 1, 1912, he became the first vice-president of the Northern Pacific.



George H. Earl was a secretary of many Northern Pacific railroads including Duluth, Crookston and Northern Railroad, Duluth and Manitoba Railroad, Fargo and Southwestern Railroad, Helena and Jefferson County Railroad, Helena and Red Mountain Railroad, James River Valley Railroad, Jamestown and Northern Railroad, Little Falls and Dakota Railroad, Northern Pacific, Fergus and Black Hills Railroad, Northern Pacfic, La Moure and Missouri River Railroad, Rocky Mountain Railroad of Montana, Sanborn, Cooperstown and Turtle Mountain Railroad, and the Spokane and Palouse Railway.


Robert Harris (born July 29, 1830) was president of the Northern Pacific Railway 1884-1888. He was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He entered the railway service from 1852 to April, 1853 as assistant engineer for the Hartford, Providence and Fishkill. In April 1853 to April 1856 he was resident engineer for Beloit and Madison. April 1856 to February 1860 superintendent of Racine and Mississippi; April to November 1860 superintendent of the Galveston, Houston and Henderson; November 1860 to June 1861 superintendent of the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado; July 1863 to May 1865 assistant general superintendent; May 1865 to February 1876 general superintendent; February 1876 to June 1878 president of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad; October 1878 to December 1880 general manager of the New York, Lake Erie and Western; December 1880 to January 1884 vice-president of the same company; and January 1884 to 1888 president of the Northern Pacific Railway.

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