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New Jersey Colonial Note - Signed by John Hart

Inv# PC1092A Cat# FR NJ-180
State(s): New Jersey
Years: March 25, 1776

Colonial note signed by John Hart. 15 Shillings.

John Hart (born between 1706 and 1713 – May 11, 1779) was a public official and politician in colonial New Jersey who served as a delegate to the Continental Congress and also signed the Declaration of Independence. In December 1776, the British advance into New Jersey reached Hunterdon County. A marked man due to his status as Speaker of the Assembly, Hart was obliged to escape and hide for a short time in the nearby Sourland Mountains. His farm was raided by British and Hessian troops, who damaged but did not destroy the property. The Continentals' capture of Trenton on December 26 allowed Hart to return home. Prior to the Battle of Monmouth, Hart invited Gen. George Washington and the Continental Army to make camp on his farm, and his offer was accepted. From June 22–24, 1778, 12,000 men occupied his fields, and on at least one occasion Gen. Washington dined with their host. (Wikipedia)

Condition: Fine
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.