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Military Payment Certificate - Series 472 - 25 Cents - Currency

Inv# MPC1015   Paper Money
Country: United States

25 Cents Military Payment Certificate, Series 472. Military payment certificates, or MPC, was a form of currency used to pay United States (US) military personnel in certain foreign countries in the mid and late twentieth century. They were used in one area or another from a few months after the end of World War II until a few months after the end of U.S. participation in the Vietnam War – from 1946 until 1973. The certificates were made by line lithography to create colorful banknotes that could be produced cheaply. Fifteen series of MPCs were created, but only 13 series were issued. The remaining two were largely destroyed, although some examples remain. Among the 13 released series, a total of 94 notes are recognized. Read more at

Condition: Fine
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.