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Lexington Brewing Co. - Stock Certificate

Inv# BR1069   Stock
Lexington Brewing Co. - Stock Certificate
State(s): Kentucky
Years: 1903

Stock printed by Western Bank Note Co., Chicago.

Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company is a brewery and distillery based in Lexington, Kentucky founded in 1999 by Pearse Lyons, the president and founder of animal nutrition company Alltech.

Alltech entered the beverage industry with the introduction of their Kentucky Ale. In 2012 the company opened its distillery and developed a line of spirits including Pearse Lyons Reserve, a malt whiskey, Bluegrass Sundown, a bourbon-infused coffee drink, and Town Branch Bourbon.


Name Release Date Availability Style ABV%
Kentucky Ale 2000 Year Round English pale ale 6.0
Kentucky Kolsch 2003 Year Round Kölsch 4.34
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale 2006 Year Round Strong ale (barrel aged) 8.2
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout 2012 Year Round Coffee stout (barrel aged) 8.0
Kentucky Race Day IPA 2013 Limited Release American Session IPA 4.5
Kentucky White Ale 2015 Limited Release Witbier 5.3
Kentucky Blue Ale 2015 Limited Release Witbier/Fruit Beer 5.3
Kentucky IPA 2013 Year Round American IPA 6.5
Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale 2013 Seasonal Pumpkin ale (barrel aged) 10.0
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine 2014 Seasonal Barley wine (barrel aged) 10.0
Kentucky Peach Barrel Wheat 2014 Seasonal Fruit (barrel aged) 8.0
Kentucky Honey Barrel Brown Ale 2014 Seasonal Brown ale (barrel aged) 10.0
Kentucky Rye Barrel IPA 2015 Seasonal Rye IPA (barrel aged) 10.0

The Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company also produces four whiskey spirits:

  • Town Branch Bourbon - aged in new, charred white oak barrels - 80 proof
  • Town Branch Rye - 100 proof
  • Pearse Lyons Reserve (malt whiskey) - aged in spent bourbon barrels that have also been used to age the brewery's flagship Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale - 80 proof
  • Bluegrass Sundown - a dark roasted coffee infused with Kentucky bourbon and sugar

The distillery began making spirits in 2007, and began selling them in 2011 after waiting for four years of aging.

In 2015, the distillery released its first specialty spirit, a 6-year single barrel version of its Town Branch Bourbon.

With its inception, the Town Branch Distillery was added to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and began offering tours. Visitors are able to view the alcohol production process and sample beer and spirits.

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