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Jon Moulton Signed Letter dated 1762 - Autograph - Brigadier General Jonathan Moulton

Inv# AU1774   Autograph
State(s): New Hampshire
Years: 1762

1 page letter with envelope signed by Jon Moulton. So early! Some paper loss. Brigadier General Jonathan Moulton (July 21, 1726 – September 18, 1787) played an important role in the early history of New Hampshire and many tales of his adventures would become legendary. He is the namesake of the town of Moultonborough in Carroll County, New Hampshire. Jonathan Moulton was born in the town of North Hampton. He spent much of his childhood as an apprentice (indentured servant) to a cabinetmaker. In 1745, he won his freedom and left the cabinet making trade. He worked as a silversmith and formed the Moulton and Towle Silversmithing Company. He ended up leaving the silversmithing trade to his partner and the company is still called Towle Silversmithing Company today, where it still manufactures silverware and kitchen utensils. He was appointed as a captain of a ranger company in the New Hampshire Militia. In the same year, he was with the New England army under the command of William Pepperrell that took Fortress Louisbourg from the French.

For the rest of King George's War, Moulton fought against the Ossipee Indians that were allied to the French around Lake Winnipesaukee until they were killed or driven to Canada. During one winter scout from Dover, New Hampshire, Capt. Moulton and his men ambushed six Ossipee warriors on the ice of Lake Winniepesaukee. Five of the warriors were killed in the first volley and the sixth ran away, followed closely by Moulton's massive black dog that attacked and killed the fleeing warrior. The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle ended the war in 1748. It would be only six years until the next war between Britain and France. After the end of the war in 1749, Moulton married Abigail Smith. Together they had eleven children. Also during this time, Moulton opened a store in Hampton and started importing goods from Europe and the West Indies. Read more at

Condition: Good
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.