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Hassler Shock Absorber Letterhead - Circa 1920s dated Automotive Americana - Auto Parts Letter

Inv# AS1231
State(s): Massachusetts
Years: (1920's or so)

Letterhead for Boston, Massachusetts based shock absorber company. Stain at left edge. Robert Hassler is credited for building the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1909. Read more at

A shock absorber or damper is a mechanical or hydraulic device designed to absorb and damp shock impulses. It does this by converting the kinetic energy of the shock into another form of energy (typically heat) which is then dissipated. Most shock absorbers are a form of dashpot (a damper which resists motion via viscous friction). Read more at

Condition: E.F. with stains
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.
Price: $19.00