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Eliphalet Remington III Signed Check

Inv# AG1368   Check
Eliphalet Remington III Signed Check
Years: 1862


Eliphalet Remington (Jr.) 1862 Check. Remington's signature crossed out, signs for E. Remington & Sons.

Eliphalet Remington (1793-1861), Firearms and farm equipment manufacturer, marketed Remington pistol, founder of Remington Arms Co. which manufactured pistols, rifles, and agricultural implements in Ilion, NY in 1828. Known for the Remington pistol! Elephalet Remington Jr. was the typical Yankee boy genius of his period, forever trying out things for himself. It was this quality that led him to make the first Remington rifle. Eliphalet and his brothers Philo and Samuel took over the management of the company upon the death of Eliphalet Sr. in 1861. They were the backbone of the of the firearms business. They brought out the first commercially successful typewriter. Sewing machines and farm implements were also made.

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