Dillingham Corporation

Inv# AH1008
Dillingham Corporation
State(s): Hawaii
Years: 1973-75
Color: Brown, Blue, or Green
Various denominations Bond printed by American Bank Note Company. Dillingham Construction was an engineering and construction services company last based in Pleasanton, California. The company was founded in the 1880s to build a railroad across the swamps of Oahu, Hawaii. Dillingham later became a leading engineering and construction firm, building dams, airfields, high-rises, hotels and embassies around the world. The company was forced into bankruptcy in 2003 as a result of mounting debt arising from multi million dollar unpaid change orders from a few public entity clients that refused to pay for the extra work. The company planned to reemerge from Chapter 11 in Florida under the name of one its smaller subsidiaries, Watkins Engineers and Constructors. (Wikipedia) Available in $7,000 Green, $100 Blue or $1,000 Brown. Please specify color.
Condition: Excellent
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.
Price: $10.00