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Book of Transfer Documents dated between 1880's-1940's - Niagara River Bridge Company

Inv# AU1658   Autograph
Book of Transfer Documents dated between 1880's-1940's - Niagara River Bridge Company
State(s): New York
Years: 1880's-1940's

Book of transfer documents including #1! Includes signatures of lawyers and other legal representation of William H. Vanderbilt, W.K. Vanderbilt, C. Vanderbilt and Chauncey Depew! Not signed by an actual Vanderbilt or Depew. Book binding in rough condition.

The Niagara Cantilever Bridge or Michigan Central Railway Cantilever Bridge was a cantilever bridge across the Niagara Gorge. An international railway-only bridge between Canada and the United States, it connected Niagara Falls, New York, and Niagara Falls, Ontario, located just south of the Whirlpool Bridge, and opened to traffic in 1883, it was replaced by the Michigan Central Railway Steel Arch Bridge in 1925. The Michigan Central Railway Bridge was the dream of financier and railway developer Cornelius Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt needed a rail link between Canada and the USA, but was not prepared to pay the high rental price which the owners of the Lower Arch Bridge (the first railway bridge across the gorge) were asking.

Mr. Vanderbilt owned the Michigan Central Railway and had controlling interest in the Canada Southern Railway. In lieu of paying rent, he decided to build a new bridge. Vanderbilt formed the Niagara River Bridge Company and received a charter to build a new bridge from both the Canadian and US authorities. On April 9, 1883, the Niagara River Bridge Company signed a contract with the Central Bridge Works Company of Buffalo New York to build this bridge. The chief engineer was Charles C. Schneider. This first bridge of cantilever design at Niagara, was built across the Niagara Gorge by engineer Edmund Hayes, of the Central Bridge Works Company, at a site just south of the Lower Arch Bridge. (the Whirlpool Bridge) Read more at

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Condition: Good
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