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Atlantis - 1969 dated German Aviation Stock Certificate - Luftverkehrsunternehmen Atlantis - Germany

Inv# FS2213   Stock
Atlantis - 1969 dated German Aviation Stock Certificate - Luftverkehrsunternehmen Atlantis - Germany
Country: Germany
Years: 1969

Stock for 50 Deutsche Mark. Unattached coupons. The airline Atlantis AG was founded in the spring of 1968 by former employees of Südflug International. Atlantis was the first German charter airline to start daily flights to the USA. The company's home airport was Frankfurt.

After the airline Südflug was taken over by Lufthansa in January 1968, Südflug sales manager Tillman Uhlig and captain Werner Will acquired Nordseeflug GmbH, founded in 1966, which operated a Douglas DC-3 on flights from Hamburg to Sylt. The DC-3 was sold after the takeover and the company's name was changed to Atlantis. The company applied for route rights for flights to the USA and from March 1968 leased a Douglas DC-7 from Scandinavian Airlines System, with which it initially offered ad hoc charter flights for guest workers to Greece, Spain and Turkey in the spring of 1968.[2][3] During the holiday season, Atlantis also operated IT charter flights from various West German airports to destinations on the Mediterranean.[3] On November 1, 1968, the company received its first jet aircraft, a Douglas DC-8-33 from the fleet of the dissolved Südflug, which had been sold by Lufthansa first to an American aircraft dealer and then to Atlantis. A second Douglas DC-8 was acquired in the same way on March 31, 1969. Read more at

Condition: Excellent

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