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100 Different Uncirculated World Banknotes - Foreign Paper Money Group - One Hundred Pieces of Paper Money

Inv# FM1411   Foreign Paper Money
Country: Brazil
Many world travelers like to collect banknotes from the countries they visit as souvenirs. But it would take years for even the most adventurous travelers to amass a collection as interesting and diverse as this worldwide panorama. These colorful banknotes actually let you tour the globe in the comfort of your own home. You’ll travel from the Americas to Europe, Africa and Asia - including exotic, isolated lands seldom visited by tourists.

It’s a fascinating, educational journey for the entire family. And each carefully selected banknote comes in crisp UNCIRCULATED quality to give you an ultimate appreciation of its original beauty. (Most travelers save used currency, which does not possess the collector interest and value of perfectly preserved UNCIRCULATED specimens.)

Real legal tender emblematic of its time and place

Each banknote in the collection is a real official issue of the authorizing nation. Almost all remain legal tender in their issuing nation and could be spent if you were to visit these countries. A few have been superseded, such as the multicolor USSR (“CCCP”) 1 ruble note - which now has even greater collector interest as the Soviet Union’s last ruble note.

The collection also includes the historic first currency of self-proclaimed independent republics formerly part of the USSR - such as Georgia, Khazakstan, Latvia and Lithuania. Also of special historical interest are notes of the former Yugoslavia, inscribed in three languages expressive of its cultural diversity - plus notes of new 1990’s republics that declared their independence from Yugoslavia, such as Slovenia and Croatia (“Hrvatska”).

A wonderfully diverse collection

Included are high-denomination notes of such nations as Brazil, Peru and Poland, the result of severe inflationary pressures plus a dollar-denominated note from Jamaica. There are miniature low-denomination banknotes of China, Hong Kong and Indonesia - and even British Armed Forces currency, one pound values, which could be spent only at military canteens. And you’ll discover some of the world’s most beautifully colored and intricately designed currency from such far-flung lands as Bhutan and Sudan.

The images of each note represent the distinctive culture and traditions of the issuing nation. There are emblems of Liberty, revered historical figures, national landmarks, unique crests and scenes of the economy at work.

And you receive, absolutely free, an album with spaces for 120 banknotes.

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Condition: Crisp Uncirculated
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.
Price: $54.50