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Article 3-3 - Stocks and Bonds: A Bibliography


            We’ve always felt that if a collectible field will grow and mature, 3 key elements are required. First, articles written in various publications is most helpful. Secondly, books to educate collectors are so important. Third, it is essential that fresh material enter the marketplace. This encourages dealers and collectors alike. Unusual and good quality stocks and bonds are so very important to add to the treasure hunting appeal. When the hobby started in earnest in the early 80’s, the following articles helped spread the word that stocks and bonds were great fun to collect. This was in our Issue 3, Summer 1981.

Stocks and Bonds: A Bibliography

         In Issue 2 of the LaBarre Newsletter, an annotated listing of magazine and newspaper articles which have appeared dealing with stocks and bonds was presented.  Although, most scripophilists have realized that more was being written about the field, actually seeing such a list was very revealing.  Several other articles have come to light since then, both new ones and a few earlier ones which inevitably escaped inclusion in the first list. These are presented here.  As more listings are uncovered, they will be included in future issues of our Newsletter.


1980 (April) - Grattan Gray. “Uncommon Stocks," Canadian Business Review

     This delightful article is short on text, but long on humor. Gray provides a nicely illustrated look at some amusing examples of vignetted stocks and bonds in this article.


1980 (July19) - '“Worthless' Certificates Turned into Cash by Sisters," Numismatic News

     Questioned stocks are the business of three sisters highlighted in this article. Only a passing reference is made to the collectible aspect of stocks and bonds other than to note that “Some certificates with no current market value have been sold for as much as $l00." Certainly this statement tells only a miniscule part of the rapid appreciation of stock and bond prices. 


1981 (February 23) - Joyce Fahnestock, “ 'Scripophily' New Collecting Hobby," Linn`s Stamp News

     This article is a brief, superficial look at the stock and bond field. A quarter page of the paper is the story narrative, and another quarter page reproduces the famous (or infamous) 1898 Chinese £500 sterling bond. No new information is presented.


1981(February)- William G. Shepherd, Jr., “New Dividends from Antique Stocks," Mainliner

     This airline magazine offers an excellent overview of collectible stocks and bonds combined with an interview with John E. Herzog of R. M. Smythe & Company. This is an excellent article.

Originally Published and Printed by G.Labarre, The LaBarre Newsletter, Issue 3, Summer 1981

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