Pan-American Exposition Co

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Pan-American Exposition Co
State(s): New York
Years: 1900-01
Printed by Sies & Co., Buffalo, NY. Signed by John G. Milburn. Milburn was a prominent citizen of Buffalo, serving as president of the Buffalo Club, a member of the executive board of the Buffalo Public Library, and a trustee of the Erie County and City Hall in Buffalo. He was also a prominent Democrat and a personal friend of Grover Cleveland. Milburn is perhaps best known as the chairman of the Pan-American Exposition, the 1901 World’s Fair in Buffalo. After President William McKinley was shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz at the Exposition on September 5, 1901, he was brought to Milburn’s home were he later died. The house became a popular tourist site, before it was converted into a hotel and later demolished in 1957.
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