Henry Clews - Blue Ridge Railroad Bond

Inv# AG1210   Bond
Henry Clews - Blue Ridge Railroad Bond
State(s): South Carolina
Years: 1869

Henry Clews (1834-1923), Financier, Banking and Brokerage Business. During the Civil War his firm, later Henry Clews & Co., ranked second to Jay Cooke & Co. in amount of government bonds sold. This gorgeous Bond has Clews signing as a Trustee at back. This South Carolina double denomination bond, 1869, $1,000 Gold Coin/200 British Sterling, has 5 engravings by American Bank Note-NY. Neatly cut cancelled. So beautiful and so very popular!!! Bond comes with a black and white portrait of Clews.
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.
Price: $200.00