Columbian Marble Co

Inv# MB5011   Bond
Columbian Marble Co
State(s): Maine
Years: 1909
$1,000 6% Gold Bond. Interesting graphics by Manhattan Bank Note Co, NY. 59 of 60 coupons remain. Uncancelled. Great!!! From a rare state! COLUMBIAN MARBLE CO.'S MONKTON QUARRY. The Monkton quarry of the Columbian Marble Co. is 0.6 mile S. 32° W. of the Vermont Marble Co.'s quarry, on the south side of the east-west crossroads in the same township. The opening is about 20 feet square and 5 to 10 feet deep and has been long disused. The marble is identical with that of the Vermont Marble Co.'s quarry. The weathered parts have a muddy gray color. The beds strike north, dip 45° E., and show many minor fractures along the bedding.
Price: $150.00