Ajax Consolidated Coal Company

Inv# MB5003   Bond
Ajax Consolidated Coal Company
State(s): Pennsylvania
Years: 1913
Brown $1,000 or Blue $500 6% Uncancelled Gold Bond brown or $500 6% Gold Bond Blue. Franklin-Lee Bank Note-Coupons at right. AJAX CONSOLIDATED COAL COMPANY. R. J. Ross, Superintendent, Blame, W. Va. Upper Potomac Pine, operated by the Ajax Consolidated Coal Company, is located at Hubbard, on the main line of the Western Maryland Railroad, and is a drift opening working the Lower Kittanning or Davis six-foot seam of coal, and is reached by a long incline plane from the head of which a tram road leads to the mines. The coal is hauled by mules and a steam locomotive. Ventilation is by a steam-driven fan and is good. Drainage is poor in some sections of the mine. During the year they employed 74 men and produced 8,790 tons of coal. This mine was idle a considerable part of the year. This was written in an annual report of the Mine Inspector from 1914 to 1915.