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$1,000,000 Note - 1988 dated Million Dollar Bill Novelty made by American Banknote Co. - Authentication Included

Inv# PM1025   Paper Money Cat# --
Denomination: 1 Million Dollars
Years: 1988
Color: Black and Yellow

Quality Novelty Bill. Statue of Liberty. American Banknote the very best quality. Includes International Association of Millionaires certificate and illustrated brochure.

ABCorp is an American corporation providing contract manufacturing and related services to the authentication, payment and secure access business sectors. Its history dates back to 1795 as a secure engraver and printer, and assisting the newly formed First Bank of the United States to design and produce more counterfeit resistant currency. The company has facilities in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The American Bank Note Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of ABCorp. Robert Scot, the first official engraver of the young U.S. Mint, began the company that would eventually grow into a high security engraving and printing firm, the American Bank Note Company.

Founded in 1795 as Murray, Draper, Fairman & Company after Scot's three partners, the company prospered as United States population expanded and financial institutions proliferated. Its products included stock and bond certificates, paper currency for the nation's thousands of state-chartered banks, postage stamps (from 1879 to 1894), and a wide variety of other engraved and printed items. Two security printers absorbed into the ABN in 1879 produced U. S. Postage stamps between 1861 and that year: the National Bank Note Company (1861-73) and the Continental Banknote Company (1873-79).

On April 29, 1858, following the Panic of 1857, seven prominent security printers merged to form the American Bank Note Company. The new company made New York City its headquarters. Less than two years later, the remaining handful of independent bank note printers merged to form the National Bank Note Company. Read more at

Condition: Crisp Uncirculated
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.
Price: $119.00