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Zeebrugge Aeronautical Construction Co. - Stock Certificate

Inv# VS1092   Stock
Zeebrugge Aeronautical Construction Co. - Stock Certificate
Country: Belgium
Years: 1926

Stock printed by J. Verschueren - Anvers - Bruxelles. Plane manufacturer. All coupons remain.

Ateliers de Construction Aéronautique de Zeebruges (ACAZ) also known as Zeebrugge Aeronautical Construction Company (Zacco) was a Belgian aircraft manufacturer of the 1920s, based in Zeebrugge.

The company built a number of innovative prototypes, but due largely to indifference by the Belgian government, the company folded without having put a single design into mass production.

List of Aircraft

  • ACAZ T.1 (1924) Single-engine monoplane. One built and destroyed during a test flight.
  • ACAZ T.2 (1924) Single-engine monoplane. One of world's first all-metal monoplane. One built
  • ACAZ C.2 (1926) Single-engine two-seat fighter/reconnaissance all-metal biplane. One built
Condition: Excellent

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