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White Water Railroad issued to and signed by Elijah Smith twice - Only 1 Left! - Stock Certificate

Inv# AG1259   Stock
White Water Railroad issued to and signed by Elijah Smith twice - Only 1 Left! - Stock Certificate
State(s): Indiana
Years: 1889

Elijah Smith signs as President of the White Water Railroad, this Scarce stock is also issued to Smith and signed a second time at back. Nice!!! Extremely Rare!!!

The Whitewater Valley Railroad is a heritage railroad in southeastern Indiana between Connersville and Metamora. The railroad is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of a 1950s era of branch line railroading. It is now operated by vintage diesel switchers and road switchers during most of the year. Steam operations vary from year to year. The most recent steam locomotive donated to the organization is New York Central B-10W 0-6-0 #6894. It is nearly identical to the last steam engines operated on the line.

The Whitewater River formed a natural trade route for Native Americans and for early settlers. In 1836 the new state of Indiana approved funds to build the Whitewater Canal, following the river from Lawrenceburg, Indiana, all the way to Hagerstown, Indiana, 76 miles (122 km). It was opened to Connersville, Indiana, in 1845. While improving trade for the area, it suffered from alternate droughts and floods, which carried away aqueducts and embankments. It was so damaged by floods in the later 1850s that residents petitioned the state to sell the right of way for a railroad. Read more at

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