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West Shore and Ontario Terminal Company - Stock Certificate

Inv# SS1175A   Stock
West Shore and Ontario Terminal Company - Stock Certificate
State(s): New Jersey
Years: 188-

Unissued Stock printed by American Bank Note Company, New York. WEST SHORE RAILROAD AND VANDERBILT In 1881, the West Shore Rail Road had been planned as a link in a new cross-country line from New York to San Francisco, using the Nickel Plate Road, Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway, Northern Pacific Railroad and Oregon Navigation Company. However, William Henry Vanderbilt of the New York Central had bought the Nickel Plate in 1882, killing that plan. The New York Central then proceeded to drive the New York, West Shore and Buffalo into bankruptcy. The Pennsylvania Railroad realized that the West Shore would make a great addition to their system, allowing them to penetrate deep into New York Central territory.

At the same time, the New York Central was building the South Pennsylvania Railroad across southern Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Railroad's territory. The two railroads came to an agreement, where the New York Central would buy the WS and stop building the South Pennsylvania (sections of which were later used for the Pennsylvania Turnpike). The New York Central bought the New York, West Shore and Buffalo Railway on November 24, 1885 and reorganized their new acquisition as the West Shore Rail Road on December 5, leasing it for 475 years from January 1, 1886. In many sections, the West Shore ran on a straighter path than the New York Central, and was used for through freight. Between Oneida and Utica, the West Shore followed the general line of the never-built Syracuse and Utica Direct Railroad, which had been merged into the New York Central. Available Unissued for a lessor price.

Condition: Excellent

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