Union Pacific Corp - 50 Pieces

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Union Pacific Corp - 50 Pieces
State(s): Utah
Years: 1970's-80's
Company History: Union Pacific Corporation is one of America’s leading companies. Its principal company, Union Pacific Railroad, is the largest railroad in America. It covers 23 states with 33,000 route miles from the West to the East Coast, and is the only railroad to serve all six gateways of Mexico. Today its primary role is transporting freight, especially coal, food and forest products, grains, and chemicals. It also runs a commuter train operation in Chicago and operates with the Canadian rail systems.

The history of the Union Pacific Railroad dates prior to 1862 when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Pacific Railroad Act, directing the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific to construct a transcontinental railroad. Because of insufficient funding, the first rail was not laid until 1865 in Omaha. The golden spike was driven at Promontory Summit, Utah in 1869, marking the inauguration of the transcontinental railroad. Union Pacific acquired numerous railroads and endured financial setbacks until 1897 when a group of investors paid $110 million for the railroad. E.H. Harriman, a shrewd railroad tycoon and then president of the Illinois Central, was one of the investors. Union Pacific’s shield is one of the nation’s most recognized logos. During the company’s approximately 140 year history, 27 changes were made to the original mountain elk logo. Mergers and acquisitions were an important part of the railroad’s history.

Engineers and Chemist vignette by American Bank Note. Mixed Green, Orange, Brown and Blue colors. 50 Pieces.

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