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Triunfo Gold and Silver Mining Co. - Stock Certificate

Inv# MS1066A   Stock
Triunfo Gold and Silver Mining Co. - Stock Certificate
State(s): California
Years: 1864-65
Stock PMG graded 55. Mines located in San Antonio District, Lower California. Washington Revenue stamp. Civil War Dated! Also available PMG50 for $275 or PMG35 for $225. Please specify grade.

The company also held a number of the major properties in the El Triunfo-San Antonio gold district south of La Paz in South Baja. The mines were opened by the company in 1863. It included the Carmen, Santa Fe, Valenceina, Mendocena, and Esperanza. A tunnel was driven to cut the Carmen vein which was described in a correspondent letter to the Mining and Scientific Press: t the spot where the vein was cut, I measured seven feet of metal, and if I am any judge, it would be difficult to find anything to surpass it in average richness. A stockpile of ore at the mill was reported to average of twelve hundred dollars per ton” (equivalent to 60 ounces gold per ton!). The correspondent further stated that; and without a doubt, it (the El Triunfo valley) will become a place of much importance, as there are numerous mines, as rich probably as any on the Pacific coast, within a view from the site of the Triunfo Companyworks”. The El Triunfo mining district has probably produced more than 500,000 ounces of gold from discovery to the present. [Ref: Mining and Scientific Press, 1864, V VIII, No. 1, p.8]

Condition: A.U.

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Price: $289.00