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Taca International Airlines, S.A. - TACA - San Salvador, El Salvador - Specimen Stock Certificate

Inv# SE3223   Specimen Stock
Taca International Airlines, S.A. - TACA - San Salvador, El Salvador - Specimen Stock Certificate
Country: El Salvador
Color: Orange and Black

Minor Flaws at Top Edge. Specimen Stock printed by Security-Columbian Banknote Company. Transportes Aéreos del Continente Americano, S.A. (Spanish for "Air Transports of the American Continent", known and branded formerly as TACA International Airlines), operating as Avianca El Salvador, is an airline owned by Kingsland Holdings and based in San Salvador, El Salvador. It is one of the seven national branded airlines in the Avianca Group of Latin American airlines, and it serves as the flag carrier of El Salvador.

Founded in 1931, the airline owned and operated five other airlines in Central America. Its name was originally an acronym meaning Central American Air Transports (Transportes Aéreos Centroamericanos) but was later changed to Air Transport of the American Continent (Transportes Aéreos del Continente Americano) to reflect its expansion to North, Central, and South America. On 7 October 2009, the airline announced that it would merge with the Colombian airline Avianca, however, it maintained the TACA name until the merger was officially completed on 21 May 2013. TACA is the second-oldest continuously operating airline brand in Central America and the Caribbean, after Cubana de Aviación. Read more at

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Condition: E.F. with minor flaw

Stock and Bond Specimens are made and usually retained by a printer as a record of the contract with a client, generally with manuscript contract notes such as the quantity printed. Specimens are sometimes produced for use by the printing company's sales team as examples of the firms products. These are usually marked "Specimen" and have no serial numbers.

Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.