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Suriname - 10 Gulden - P-137b - 1996 dated Foreign Paper Money

Inv# FM1193   Foreign Paper Money Cat# P-137b
Country: Suriname
Denomination: 10 Gulden
Years: 1996

Foreign Paper Money. Central Bank building, Paramaribo, bananas/Banana harvesting and toucan. The guilder was the currency of Suriname until 2004, when it was replaced by the Surinamese dollar. It was divided into 100 cents. Until the 1940s, the plural in Dutch was cents, with centen appearing on some early paper money, but after the 1940s the Dutch plural became cent. The Surinamese guilder was initially at par with the Dutch guilder. In 1940, following the occupation of the Netherlands, the currency (along with the Netherlands Antillean guilder) was pegged to the U.S. dollar at a rate of 1.88585 guilders = 1 dollar.

The Surinamese guilder began to lose value from high inflation in the beginning of the 1980s, when a currency black market emerged. It was replaced by the Surinamese dollar on 1 January 2004 at a rate of 1 dollar = 1,000 guilders. To save cost of manufacturing, coins of less than 5 guilders (all denominated in cents) were made legal for their face value in the new currency. Thus, these coins increased their purchasing power by a thousandfold overnight. Read more at

Condition: Crisp Uncirculated
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.
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