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Scott Paper Co. - $10,000 Specimen Bond

Inv# SE3909   Specimen Bond
State(s): Pennsylvania
Years: 1922

$10,000 8 7/8% Specimen Bond printed by Security-Columbian Banknote Company.

The Scott Paper Company was the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of sanitary tissue products with operations in 22 countries. Its products were sold under a variety of well-known brand names, including Scott Tissue, Cottonelle, Baby Fresh, Scottex and Viva. Consolidated sales of its consumer and commercial products totalled approximately $3.6 billion in 1994. The company was acquired by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation in 1995.

Scott Paper was founded in 1879 in Philadelphia by brothers E. Irvin and Clarence Scott, and is often credited as being the first to market toilet paper sold on a roll. They began marketing paper towels in 1907, and paper tissues in the 1930s. In 1927, Scott purchased a Nova Scotian pulp mill, and thus began a long series of acquisitions. It joined with The Mead Corporation in 1936 to form Brunswick Pulp & Paper Company, which used their pulp mill in Georgia to supply both Mead and Scott. The company then bought mills in New York and Wisconsin, and during the 1950s Scott merged with Soundview Pulp Company and Hollingsworth & Whitney Company, which provided timberlands and mills in Washington, Alabama, and Maine. Scott enjoyed success throughout the 20th century due to their advertising methods, which can be traced back to Arthur Scott, the son of E. Irvin Scott. Scott's hard-sell magazine advertisements of the 1930s focused on warnings that using harsh toilet paper would lead to painful rectal trouble. Another famous example of 1936 asked "Is your washroom breeding Bolsheviks?", suggesting that cheap toilet paper might turn employees to Communism. In December 1994, Scott sold its printing and publishing papers business, consisting of its wholly owned subsidiary, S.D. Warren, for approximately $1.6 billion. Read more at

Condition: Excellent

Stock and Bond Specimens are made and usually retained by a printer as a record of the contract with a client, generally with manuscript contract notes such as the quantity printed. Specimens are sometimes produced for use by the printing company's sales team as examples of the firms products. These are usually marked "Specimen" and have no serial numbers.

Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.
Price: $77.00