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San Luis Mining Company - Stock Certificate

Inv# FS1519   Stock
San Luis Mining Company - Stock Certificate
Country: Mexico
State(s): West Virginia
Years: 1901-15
Stock printed by American Bank Note Co. New York, Litho. Mines located in the San Dimas District, Mexico. SAN LUIS MINING CO. DURANGO Office: Myra B. Martin, sec., 15 William St., New York. Mine office: Panuco de Coronado. Durango, Mexico. Officers: David F. Beggs, pres. and trcas.; C. P. Jacobs. F C. Hanford, W. B. Raymond, Wm. T. Read and Walter S. Logan, directors. Inc. 1900, in West Virginia, and cap. increased, 1905, to $3,000.000; shares $1 par. First dividend. \%, was paid January, 1906. and a second dividend was paid July, 1916. Direct title to this property is held in the name of Lucia Mining Co. Annual meeting, last Tuesday in February. Property: 225 pertenencia?, 500 acres, and a 25-acrc millsite, in the San Lucas and Panuco de Coronado districts of Durango. The property shows limestone and porphyry, carrying fissure veins and contact deposits, whose ores are estimated by the management to average 3% copper, 12% lead, 1% zinc, 35 oz. silver and $4 gold per ton, mainly from sulphide ores. The mines were discovered 1650, and worked more or less irregularly until 1830, when closed on account of water and Indian troubles, remaining idle until reopened, 1901, by the present company. The Porosina mine is said to show, at the western end, a considerable body of ore of smelting grade and a large quantity of milling ore. The San Gonzalo mine, 450' deep, has a vein showing mainly low-grade ores carrying silver values above, with copper on the lower levels, and is also reported to have a 2' vein carrying 25 kgs. silver per ton, with some gold. The Sidney has a 2' vein of galena, giving assays up to 45% lead, 4 oz. silver and 3 grams gold per metric ton, opened by a shallow shaft, but has been idle for some years on account of water. The San Lucas mine, 19 hectares, about 35 miles N. W. of Gabriel, is an old property claimed to have nearly 2 miles of workings, carrying mainly lead and zinc ores, and is idle. The San Pablo mine has parallel veins said to carry 6 to 36* paystreaks of sulphide ore, giving assays up to 16.% copper, 360 pz. silver and 14 grams gold per ton, opened by a 175' vertical shaft, equipped with headgear and hoist. Equipment: at the various mines includes steam plants, claimed to aggregate 750-h. p. with 6 hoists and 2 air compressors of 12 drills combined capacity. Buildings include a machine shop, carpenter shop, smithy, offices, 4 general stores and a largf number of dwellings for .workmen, with a total of 175 buildings. The mill has 2 crushers, 1 jig and 4 Bartlett tables. Concentration seems to have proven more satisfactory than leaching. The Trinidad leaching mill, of 120 tons claimed daily capacity, has 2 calcining furnaces and apparently treated only about 40 tons of ore daily, when in operation. Idle on account of revolution, but reported late 1919 that the company was about to give a lease on the mines.
Condition: Excellent

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