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Rolls Razor Limited - 1964 dated British Safety-Razor Stock Certificate

Inv# FS2565   Stock
Country: England
Years: 1964

Stock printed by Burrup, Mathieson & Co. Ltd., London. Rolls Razor Limited was a British company known first for its manufacture of a sophisticated safety-razor and later, under new ownership, an "affordable" twin-tub washing machine. The eponymous product was a sophisticated safety-razor which promoted with the slogan "The razor that is stropped and honed in its case".

The case was a rigid rectangular frame enclosed by two detachable lids; one lid carried a stone and the other a leather. The lids could not be interchanged. With a lid removed, oscillating a handle drove a shaft along the frame. In both directions pinions on the shaft engaged with racks on the case to rotate the shaft to either push the blade forward against the stone or drag it against the strop. It was easy to use, fast and safe. Sharpening was noisy as each change of direction rotated the blade to slap against stone or leather. Read more at

Condition: Excellent

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