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Richard Borden signed Cape Cod Railroad - Lizzy Borden's Father? - Autograph Stock Certificate

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Richard Borden signed Cape Cod Railroad - Lizzy Borden's Father? - Autograph Stock Certificate
State(s): Massachusetts
Years: 1871

Richard Borden, Manufacturer and Executive of importance. Being so active in Fall River, was he related to Lizzy Borden of Ax Murder fame? Worthy of further research. Great signature at front as President, Attractive, Rare!

Colonel Richard Borden (1795–1874) was an American businessman and civic leader from Fall River, Massachusetts. He co-founded the Fall River Iron Works in 1821, and later built several early cotton mills, as well as the Fall River Line, Fall River Gas Works Company, the Fall River Railroad, banks and other businesses. The Borden family would dominate the economic and civic life of Fall River into the early 20th century.

When the Town of Fall River was established in 1803, the Borden family had been well established in the area for over a century. In 1714, Colonel Richard's ancestor (also named Richard) purchased land along the falls of the Quequechan River from Benjamin Church, along with a saw mill, a grist mill and a fulling mill. Eventually the Borden family would acquire the water rights of the entire Quequechan River valley, and its tremendous potential.

Borden began working in a grist mill at age fifteen. Most of the area's corn was ground at his mill. He became adept in the task of sailing and boating in the Narragansett Bay, as part of the grist mill business. He also operated a saw mill adjacent to the grist mill during these years. Borden acquired the rank of "colonel" in the local militia in 1828. Read more at

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