Pay Table Document Signed by Oliver Wolcott Jr. & Oliver Ellsworth

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Pay Table Document Signed by Oliver Wolcott Jr. & Oliver Ellsworth
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Years: 1784

Payment Order to Oliver Wolcott Jr. for "Three Pounds Thirteen Shillings and Eleven Pence" for the Payment of the Civil List. signed by Oliver Wolcott Jr. and Oliver Ellsworth .

Oliver Wolcott Jr. (1760 1833) was United States Secretary of the Treasury from 1795 to 1800 and governor of Connecticut from 1817 to 1827.Wolcott was appointed in 1784 as one of the commissioners to mediate claims between the U.S. and the state of Connecticut. After serving as state comptroller of Connecticut from 1788-90, he was named auditor of the federal treasury, and became comptroller of the Treasury in 1791.He was appointed Secretary of the Treasury by George Washington in 1795 to succeed Alexander Hamilton, but resigned in 1800 due to unpopularity, and a particularly vitriolic campaign against him in the press in which, among other things, he was falsely accused of setting fire to the State Department building.1799 as Secretary of the Treasury he designed the United States Civil Flag. From 1803 to 1815 he operated in private business in New York City, afterwards retiring to Litchfield. He was elected governor in 1817 as a "Toleration Republican", following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, and serving ten years in the post. His tenure was noted for the economic growth and moderate policies that attended it. Additionally, he presided over a convention that created a new state constitution in 1818. Wolcott died in New York City and is interred at East Cemetery in Litchfield. Prior to his death, Wolcott had been the last survivng member of the Washington Cabinet.

Oliver Ellsworth (1745-1807), Lawyer, member of the Continental Congress, delegate to Constitutional Convention, U.S. Senator, Chief Justice of the U.S, 1796-1799. Great Documents 1776-79 issued by the state of Connecticut purchasing SALT PETRE used for making gunpowder. Signed by Oliver Ellsworth. Condition Fine to exceptionally nice condition. Historic! So Important!!!

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