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O. K. Gold Mining Co. - Stock Certificate

Inv# MS1359   Stock
O. K. Gold Mining Co. - Stock Certificate
Country: Canada
State(s): British Columbia
Years: 1897
Nice Title! The O.K. claim was located by J.Y. Cole in June 1892 and Crown granted in 1896. Underground work by Mr. Cole & associates opened up a large pocket of high-grade free gold-bearing quartz. The O.K. Gold Mining Company, a Spokane, Washington, company, which was registered in B.C. in 1895, acquired the property and carried on mining operations until August 1897 when the affairs of the company were ordered wound up, Most of the old underground workings were driven during the period 1893-1896 and include about 1,000 feet of crosscuts, drifts and raises i n 3 adits. During the period 1923-1944 lessees carried out some exploration work each year in search of the downward continuation of the O.K. veins or the extension of the I.X.L. veins. The O.K. claim was owned by Mrs. J. Pike, of California, and J. Wey and Mrs. Anabelle, of Seattle, in 1953. Some rehabilitation and exploration work was done by lessee M. Doran in 1953 and 1956. Midnight Consolidated Unes Ltd. was organized in September 1956 to carry out exploration work on the O.K., I.X.L., and Midnight claims. A small amount of drifting was done on the O.K. claim before operations ceased in April 1957.

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