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National Airways System, Inc. - 1928 dated Aviation Stock Certificate

Inv# VS1090   Stock
National Airways System, Inc. - 1928 dated Aviation Stock Certificate
State(s): Delaware
Years: 1928

Stock printed by Goes. The NAS (National Airways System) Air King was a US light biplane transport aircraft designed in 1926 to carry three passengers in two open cockpits. Only one was built but in 1928 it was revised to carry two passengers and was more successful, with over twenty produced.

The Air King Model 26 was a single bay biplane with wings of rectangular plan, though with rounded, steel tube tips. The rest of the wing structure was a mixture of spruce and ash, with all wing surfaces fabric-covered. Because its upper and lower wings were interchangeable, the span of the upper one was only about 90% that of the lower, the latter mounted on the lower fuselage. They were braced together by inward-leaning, N-form interplane struts with 14 in (360 mm) of stagger and supported over the fuselage on short, outward-leaning cabane struts, an inverted V forwards and a single strut aft on each side. Only the lower wing was set with dihedral (2.5°). Ailerons on upper and lower wings were externally interconnected though, unusually, port and starboard pairs could be separately controlled. Read more at

Condition: Excellent

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