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new Morocco - Pick-20 - 100 Moroccan Francs - 1941 dated Foreign Paper Money

Inv# FM3391   Foreign Paper Money
New Item!
Country: Morocco
Years: 14.5.1941
Color: Multicolored

Pick #20, 100 Francs. Front and back shown. The franc was the currency of French Morocco from 1921. It became the currency of all Morocco in 1957 and circulated until 1974. It was divided into 100 centimes. Before the first World War, the Moroccan rial was worth 5 French francs. However, after the war, the franc's value fell, such that when the franc replaced the rial, it was at a rate of 10 francs = 1 rial. The Moroccan franc was equal in value to the French franc. When Spanish Morocco was united with the rest of Morocco, the franc replaced the Spanish peseta at a rate of 1 peseta = 10 francs. In 1960, the dirham was introduced. It was subdivided into 100 francs. The franc was replaced as the subdivision of the dirham by the centime in 1974. Read more at

Condition: E.F.
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.
Price: $125.00