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Molecular Telephone Compay of New York - Stock Certificate

Inv# TT1024   Stock
Molecular Telephone Compay of New York - Stock Certificate
State(s): New York
Years: 1883

Stock. Early! Geo. Bell related?

"I now put it to you, could any mechanic skilled in the construction of telephones make a Lockwood-Bartlett receiver from the description of Bell's telephone given in the specification of the patent, or could a mechanic make a Bell telephone from the description of the Lockwood-Bartlett telephone as given in his patent, No. 2,419, June 10, 1880 ? The Molecular Telephone Company of New York, who are the owners of the Lockwood and Bartlett patent, will take such proceedings as they may be advised to protect their patent rights, as well from libel as from infringement, and also to protect their manufacturers from intimidation by threats or otherwise.

I am yours obediently,

W. C. BARNEY, Agent for the Molecular Telephone Company of New York. Messrs. WATERHOUSE & WINTERBOTHAM, Solicitors..." (From The Electrical Review, Volume 11, 1882)

Condition: Excellent

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