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Little Falls and Southern Railroad - Little Falls, Minnesota - Unissued Railway Stock Certificate

Inv# NP1026   Stock
State(s): Minnesota
Years: 189-

Unissued Stock. Operated from 1890 to 1899 and was then part of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Little Falls is a city in Morrison County, Minnesota, United States, near the geographic center of the state. Established in 1848, Little Falls is one of the oldest European-American cities in Minnesota. It is the county seat of Morrison County. The population was 9,140 at the 2020 census. Little Falls was the boyhood home of noted aviator Charles Lindbergh. Just across from his former home is Charles A. Lindbergh State Park, named after Lindbergh's father, prominent Minnesota lawyer and U.S. Congressman Charles August Lindbergh.

The town developed at falls on the Mississippi River, and was named after them. Several different dams have been built over the falls during the town's history, some of which powered sawmills in the 19th century. Today, the Little Falls Dam is a hydroelectric station that generates power for the surrounding area. According to the obituary of the Ojibwe war chief Mou-zoo-mau-nee, the people of Little Falls asked the Ojibwe for protection during the Sioux Uprising. The Ojibwe sent 150 warriors. Read more at,_Minnesota

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Condition: Excellent

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