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Jamestown & Northern Railroad Co. issued to/signed by Edwin Winter & signed by Geo. H. Earl

Inv# AG2111   Stock
Jamestown & Northern Railroad Co. issued to/signed by Edwin Winter & signed by Geo. H. Earl
State(s): Dakotas
Years: 1896

Stock issued to Edwin W. Winter and signed twice by both him and Geo. H. Earl. Transferred to Charles S. Mellen.

Edwin Wheeler Winter (born November 18, 1845 in Bloomfield, Vermont – June 28, 1930 in Little Compton, Rhode Island was president of Northern Pacific Railway in 1896 then president of Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company, Brooklyn Heights Railroad and allied companies. Winter was born on November 18, 1845 in Bloomfield, Vermont. Winter entered railway service by joining Union Pacific Railway Company in 1867, where he worked till 1870 and moved to Chicago. From 1870 to 1873, Winter was a contractor’s agent on construction projects at various railroads. From 1873 to 1876, Winter was a general claim agent with Chicago and North Western Railway. From 1876 to 1879, Winter was general superintendent in western Wisconsin for West Wisconsin Railway Company. From 1879 to 1880, Winter was general superintendent for the Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis Railroad. From 1880 to 1881, Winter was general superintendent for the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railroad. From 1881 to November 16, 1885, Winter was assistant president for Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway. June 6, 1888, he became director of the railway, and on November 16, 1885, to July 1896, Winter was general manager. From July 1896, to August 31, 1897, Winter was president for the Northern Pacific Railway. Read more at

Charles Sanger Mellen (August 16, 1852 – November 17, 1927) was an American railroad man whose career culminated in the presidencies of the Northern Pacific Railway (1897-1903) and the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (1903-1913). His goal, along with the New Haven's financier J. P. Morgan, was to consolidate, electrify and modernize all the main railroads of New England, so as to lower competition and produce higher profits. The result of his abrasive tactics alienated public opinion, led to high prices for acquisitions and costly construction; the accident rate soared when efforts were made to save on maintenance costs. Debt soared from $14 million in 1903 to $242 million in 1913, when it was hit by an antitrust lawsuit by the federal government on the charge of monopolizing New England's rail traffic. He was called, "The last of the railway czars." Read more at

George H Earl was a secretary of many Northern Pacific railroads including Duluth, Crookston and Northern Railroad, Duluth and Manitoba Railroad, Fargo and Southwestern Railroad, Helena and Jefferson County Railroad, Helena and Red Mountain Railroad, James River Valley Railroad, Jamestown and Northern Railroad, Little Falls and Dakota Railroad, Northern Pacific, Fergus and Black Hills Railroad, Northern Pacfic, La Moure and Missouri River Railroad, Rocky Mountain Railroad of Montana, Sanborn, Cooperstown and Turtle Mountain Railroad, and the Spokane and Palouse Railway.

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Condition: Excellent

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