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J. Edgar Hoover Letter - Autograph

Inv# AU1122
J. Edgar Hoover Letter - Autograph
State(s): District Of Columbia
Years: Nov. 9, 1949
J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972), Lawyer, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. J. Edgar Hoover started as a file clerk in the FBI under President Woodrow Wilson in 1917. Seven years later in 1924, under President Coolidge, Hoover became the Director of the FBI and devoted almost 55 years of service. From reorganizing the FBI, the Gangster Era, WWII, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War to Vietnam, J. Edgar Hoover held an important position of power. This letter dated Nov. 9, 1949 and written on FBI letterhead is addressed to Mr. Ralph T. Reed at the time when he was President of the American Express Company in New York. The contents are in regard to an investigation involving counterfeiting of American Express Travelers Checks. It is signed boldy by J. Edgar Hoover.

Similar to above but dated March 15, 1950 J. Edgar Hoover sends a letter of thanks to Mr. Reed in response to Reed's letter of appreciation to the FBI for help with the investigation on counterfeit travelers checks.
Condition: Excellent
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.