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Great Northern Copper Company, Inc. - Stock Certificate

Inv# MS1352   Stock
Great Northern Copper Company, Inc. - Stock Certificate
Country: Canada
State(s): Newfoundland and Labrador
Years: 1917-21
Stock printed by Goes and Albert B. King & Co., Lith. The Great Northern Copper had mines on Twillingate Island, Newfoundland. GREAT NORTHERN COPPER CO. NEWFOUNDLAND Office: 11 Broadway, New York City. Mine office: Twillingate, Newfoundland. Officers and directors: H. R. Warnock. pres.; H. G. Terry, M. L. Fonquet. and A. P. Hays, v. p.'s; C. II. Hill, sec.; Obadiah Hodder ,treas. and gen. mgr. Inc. 1905. Cap., $100,000; shares $1 par. Company was combined with Notre Dame Copper Co. and Hodder Supply Co. of Pittsburgh, in 1912. Reorganized January, 1917, and incorporated in South Dakota with capital of $5,000,000; shares $1 par, 4,033,000 issued. Lands: 526 acres, freehold, on Twillingate, North Island, on the eastern coast of Newfoundland, in the vicinity of the Tilt Cove mine. Company claims a vein 160' wide, uncovered for one-half mile and tested to depth of 200*, carrying chalcopyrite, averaging over 2% copper. Management estimates ore reserves of 9,000,000 tons with 500,000 tons blocked out. Ores: of this district, as developed elsewhere, average about 4% copper, 50% sulphur and $1.50 gold per ton, and are somewhat bunchy, with sphalerite frequently found in connection with the chalcopyrite Development: by open-cut, with a 120' shaft in ore. Equipment: includes 800-h. p. steam plant, hoist, with a tram line and 2,000-ton ore bins on the sea. Has 1,500-ton coarse crushing plant and 150-ton concentrator. Company expected to start regular operations in 1919.
Condition: Excellent

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