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Fulton Chain Railway Company Transfer signed by Harry Payne Whitney - Stock Certificate

Inv# AG1356A   Stock
Fulton Chain Railway Company Transfer signed by Harry Payne Whitney - Stock Certificate
State(s): New York
Years: 1911
Transfer signed by Harry Payne Whitney as executor of the estate of Wm. C. Whitney. Rare! Great!
Harry Payne Whitney (1872-1930), Financier, Sportsman. Son of William C. Whitney, who trained him to be his business successor. Developed silver, lead, and copper interests with Daniel Guggenheim in 1902. He was the organizer and captain of the American “Big Four” polo team. Also signed at front by William Seward Webb (1851-1926), Capitalist, Railroad Executive, and Author. Was President or Director of many railroads. He purchased 200,000 acres and converted it into a game preserve in the Adirondacks, served on staff of the Governor of Vermont with the rank of Colonel.
The Fulton Chain Railway was incorporated as the Fulton Chain Railroad in 1896, and opened that year. After reorganization in 1902, the company, then operated by the New York Central Railroad, was renamed the Fulton Chain Railway. The line, also known as the Old Forge Branch, was 2.204 miles (3.547 km) long, and connected Fulton Chain to Old Forge, where Fulton Navigation Company ships made connections. The New York Central gained control of the company in 1917, and operated its line until July 11, 1932. A short stub at the Fulton Chain end remained the property of the company until January 1, 1937, when the Fulton Chain Railway was merged into the New York Central.
Condition: Excellent

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