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Eugene Zimmerman - Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Chicago Railway - Railroad Stock Certificate

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Eugene Zimmerman - Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Chicago Railway - Railroad Stock Certificate
State(s): Indiana

Eugene Zimmerman (1845-1914) Capitalist and Railroad Official. He served in the Navy and at the end of the Civil War was acting-master of the Ouachita, in the Mississippi squadron. Later, he invested in petroleum and in 1874 sold his interest in this business to the Standard Oil Company. He was involved with many railroads including control of the Pere Marquette and the Chicago, Cincinnati & Louisville RR. Later had large holdings of stock in the Standard Oil Company. This attractive stock is neatly issued to Zimmerman and is boldly signed at back. Neatly hole cancelled, stub at left. Excellent Condition. Rare!

The Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Chicago Railway (CISL&C) was a railroad in the United States. The CISL&C resulted from the 1880 corporate restructuring of the bankrupt Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Lafayette Railroad (IC&L). The CISL&C operated a railroad line from Cincinnati via Indianapolis to Lafayette, being the result of an 1867 merger of the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad (I&C), the Lafayette and Indianapolis Railroad (L&I), and the Cincinnati and Indiana Railroad (C&I). The three predecessor companies had been founded in 1850, 1846, and 1861, respectively.

The CISL&C controlled and operated numerous subsidiary railway companies operating smaller branch lines. These included:

In 1889, the railway merged with the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis Railway and the Indianapolis and St Louis Railway to form the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway, also known collectively as the Big Four. Read more at,_Indianapolis,_St._Louis_and_Chicago_Railway

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