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Erie and the North East Railroad Company

Inv# RB7085
Erie and the North East Railroad Company
State(s): Pennsylvania
Years: 1852
The Buffalo and State Line Railroad was incorporated October 13, 1849 and opened January 1, 1852 from Dunkirk, New York west to Pennsylvania. The rest of the line from Dunkirk to Buffalo opened on February 22. The Erie and North East Railroad was chartered April 12, 1842 to build the part from the state line west to Erie, Pennsylvania, and opened on January 19, 1852. On November 16, 1853, an agreement was made between the two railroads, which had been built at 6 foot broad gauge, to relay the rails at standard gauge to match the Franklin Canal Company's railroad on the other side of Erie, and for the Buffalo and State Line to operate the Erie and Northeast. This would result in passengers no longer having to change trains at Erie, and on December 7, 1853, the Erie Gauge War began between the railroads and the townspeople. On February 1, 1854 the relaying was finished and the first train passed through Erie. On May 15, 1867 the two companies between Buffalo and Erie merged to form the Buffalo and Erie Railroad. We also have a #1 certificate for $350.00 Please specify type.
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