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Dated 1780-82 Connecticut Pay Order Signed by Samuel Wyllys - American Revolutionary War Pay Order

Inv# CT1004
State(s): Connecticut
Years: 1780-82

Manuscript Pay Order signed by various officials making payment with Connecticut Currency and countersigned by Samuel Wyllys. Great for Colonial collectors.

Samuel Wyllys (January 4, 1739 – June 9, 1823) was an American military officer in the American Revolution, Connecticut politician, and a member of the Wyllys–Haynes family. He was the son of Governor George Wyllys. Wyllys was born on January 4, 1739 and baptized on January 7, 1739. He graduated from Yale College in 1758. In 1764, Wyllys sailed to England and remained there for six years. In October 1771, Wyllys led the successful petition to the Connecticut General Assembly to create the Governor's Guard. Wyllys was then elected as the unit's first captain.

In 1775, he was appointed lieutenant colonel in Colonel Joseph Spencer's 2nd Connecticut Regiment. on July 1, he was promoted to Colonel, and commanded the regiment until January 1, 1776, when the 2nd Connecticut was reorganized as the 22nd Continental Regiment. Wyllys remained in command of the regiment, serving in the Siege of Boston until the British evacuation on March 17, and then marched with George Washington to New York. He saw action in the Battle of Long Island and served in the New York vicinity until the end of the year.  From 1777-1781, Colonel Wyllys commanded the 3rd Connecticut Regiment in the Connecticut Line, serving under General Samuel Holden Parsons. His regiment served in the New York area throughout the remainder of its service. Read more at

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Condition: Excellent
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