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Compania Minera Nazareno Y Anexas En Temascaltepec Estado De Mexico - 5 Share Mexican Stock Certificate

Inv# FS1307   Stock
Country: Mexico
Years: 1910
Color: Red

Stock printed by Ch. Grabbe. Grav. Paris. 5 Share. Temascaltepec is a municipality located in the Ixtapan Region of the State of Mexico in Mexico. Temascaltepec has an area of 547.5 km2. It borders the municipalities of Valle de Bravo, Amanalco de Becerra, Tejupilco, San Simón de Guerrero, Texcaltitlán, Zinacantepec, Coatepec Harinas, and Zacazonapan. Temascaltepec's population was 26,968 in 1990, but rose to 30,336 by 2005, according to INEGI.

The Mountain of Temascaltepec is a prolongation of Nevado de Toluca and crosses the municipality. The most significant elevations are the hills of Temeroso, Soledad, Fortin, Peñas del Diablo, Peñon, Tres Reyes and Juan Luis. The three main rivers of Temascaltepec are Verde or De la Presa, Vado, and Temascaltepec. All three rivers experience water flow year-round. In addition, there are 41 freshwater springs. The municipality is warm and subtropical in the north and east, and semi-arid in the south and west. Average temperatures vary between 18 to 22 °C (64 to 72 °F) and annual precipitation is from 800 to 1,600 mm (31 to 63 in). Read more at

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Condition: Excellent

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