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Colonel Alexander Biddle signed Check - Prominent Biddle Family - Autograph Check

Inv# AU1476   Check
Colonel Alexander Biddle signed Check - Prominent Biddle Family - Autograph Check
State(s): Pennsylvania
Years: 1869

Check issued to Col. A. Biddle and signed on back by him. Important! Alexander Williams Biddle (April 29, 1819 – May 2, 1899) was an American businessman from Pennsylvania. He was a member of the prominent and wealthy Biddle family and grandson of American Revolutionary War soldier Clement Biddle. He served as an officer in the Union Army during the American Civil War and fought in some of the key battles of the war. Biddle was born on April 29, 1819 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Thomas A. and Christine Williams Biddle.

He received his early education from the school of Sears C. Walker in Philadelphia. He entered the University of Pennsylvania in 1834 and graduated in 1838. After graduation he worked for the Bevan and Humphreys shipping firm in Philadelphia until 1842. In 1848, he joined his father's company, Thomas Biddle & Co., where he worked until the beginning of the Civil War. In 1849, he joined the first troop of the Philadelphia City Cavalry in which he served until 1858.

On September 1, 1862 he joined the 121st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and served under his cousin Chapman Biddle. He served successively as a Major, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel. He fought at the Battle of Fredericksburg, the Battle of Chancellorsville, the Battle of Gettysburg (under Abner Doubleday) and the Battle of Bristoe Station. Read more at

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Condition: Excellent
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