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Choctaw and Memphis Railroad Co. - Unissued Preferred Railway Stock Certificate

Inv# RS5178   Stock
Choctaw and Memphis Railroad Co. - Unissued Preferred Railway Stock Certificate
State(s): Tennessee
Years: (1910 or so)
Color: Green

Unissued Stock printed by American Bank Note Company, Philadelphia.  An entity called the Choctaw and Memphis Railroad (C&MR), a publicly traded company, on October 25, 1898 purchased at foreclosure the Memphis and Little Rock Railroad. That was a line running 133 miles from Hopefield, Arkansas, which was a ferry crossing point to Memphis, Tennessee across the Mississippi River, and ending in Huntersville, now known as North Little Rock, Arkansas. As the new owner, the C&MR then began building west, including a bridge over the Arkansas River to Little Rock. That bridge later became known as the Rock Island Bridge, and is today the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock. The C&MR was sold to the CO&G in 1900. The CO&G extended its Oklahoma tracks to meet the Little Rock line. Read more at,_Oklahoma_and_Gulf_Railroad

Condition: Excellent

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