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C.S. Mellen signed Clearwater Short Line Railway Co.

Inv# AG1604
C.S. Mellen signed Clearwater Short Line Railway Co.
State(s): Montana
Years: 1899
Charles Sanger Mellen (1851-1927), Railroad Executive, his early career involved New England Railroads, then the Union Pacific. Close ties with J. P. Morgan obtained him the Presidency of the Northern Pacific in 1892. In 1904, a serious consultant to President Roosevelt. Later returning to the New Haven, he nearly succeeded in monopolizing the transportational system of New England and became President of both the Boston & Maine and the Maine Central. (It is most interesting to note that today Guilford Transportation is owned by Timothy Mellon and he now owns both of the same railroads. He is the grandson of Andrew Mellon). Later, due to serious train accidents, the Interstate Commerce Commission called the Mellen management “one of the most glaring instances of maladministration”.
Stock issued to the Northern Pacific Railway Company and signed by C.S. Mellen as president. Numerous revenue stamps including 1 $5, 4 $10, and 15 $50.
Condition: Excellent
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.